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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
I didn't say it was a cakewalk. I just said Sampras and Rafter weren't properly on the grass court scene yet.
Lets not pretend Agassi wouldnt always have had atleast even odds vs Rafter on grass. Wimbledon 2000 semifinal was probably the best grass match of Rafter`s career, and Agassi while he played very well in defeat, was having in general a fairly down year after the Australian Open (his only tournament title of the year, which he would drop from 1 to 8 by the end). Wimbledon 2001 was a match Agassi totally should have won with all the chances and leads he had in the 5th set. Rafter was down break point to go down 2 breaks and Agassi had what seemed like a very easy pass, but made an unbelievable lunge volley which he was also lucky to somehow guess right on. Dont forget Wimbledon 1999 where Agassi had a very easy semifinal win over a fairly good Rafter.

Agassi beat Ivanisevic and Becker to win his Wimbledon and Ivanisevic and Becker are superior to Rafter on grass, so he doesnt have anything to apologize for not meeting a prime Rafter in his title win. Agassi would also probaly go down as a superior grass courter to Rafter. I cant think of a single stat Rafter would lead in, other than a 2-1 head to head at Wimbledon, where Agassi still leads 7-6 in sets.

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