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Originally Posted by the 10s n00b View Post
in your opinion if you had an ambi student what would you teach them? what are the pros and cons of each? thanks!

two backhands

two forehands
Video one is not two backhands. He's playing a right-handed two-handed forehand and a right-handed two-handed backhand. They probably have it titled wrong in the video because he is (I'm guessing) a lefty.

I play with my primary forehand shot being a 2HFH, so I definitely know what they look like. The 2HFH player still needs a strong 1HFH for certain situations, imo, and the 2HBH player still needs a strong 1HBH for slicing and dropping.

The second video is avante guard, for sure! I strongly believe we will see someone break through with this style, but they won't be limited to "two forehands." They will essentially have two forehands and two backhands giving them a variety potential that we've never seen before at the higher levels.
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