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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
The second video is avante guard, for sure! I strongly believe we will see someone break through with this style, but they won't be limited to "two forehands." They will essentially have two forehands and two backhands giving them a variety potential that we've never seen before at the higher levels.
Mmh so you think that in the future someone will come along and play 2 forehands but is still able to switch to a backhand stance to play effective slices or backhands ?

If someone could do that it would be great for him. The reason why i doubt it : At least as important than your strokes is your ability to compete. You learn to compete at a high level with high expecations as a kid if you want to become a pro - but i think kids/young teenagers will not be efficient if they got such a huge shot arsenal. Every stroke can be a forehand, a backhand, a forehand slice, a backhand slice etc. It will confuse the young players more than it will benefit them.

Time will tell but I highly doubt that something like that can be efficient just like you won't see a pro being able to serve right- and lefthanded to make use of opening the court better or sth. like that.
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