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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
Time will tell? I see what you did there

I really don't think it's a huge stretch, in fact, it seems like a logical inevitability. The next generation almost always innovates and takes things to a level not previously thought possible. So many reasons why this happens, one obvious one being they have all the information from their predecessors available to them when they are first starting: that's a tremendous advantage.

Someone will figure it out. People are already working on it, as evidenced by the second video. The logical extension of two forehands is also having two backhands.

For instance: someone draws you out wide to the deuce court > you respond with with a RHFH > opponent plays great shot to open court > you need to defend > quickly switch to a RHBH grip > defend > ready position.

Never underestimate the lengths children will go to master something. All it takes is information from predecessors to inspire them, and some will take it to the next level. As the first crop of double forehanders start making waves, be assured the next gen will try it and innovate it even further.
It's possible i guess. I dont even question that someone can master it, I just think that it will definitely take more time to master it and use it effectively especially in the important timespan as young teenagers where it mostly decides if you become a pro or not.

But i guess its a totally valid argument that there are/were pro players with 2 "backhands" - why not 2 forehands? With the right talent pretty much everything is possible
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