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To me the issue is not that you can not teach kids to 'plow through it' or 'deal with it' in regards to the cheating, the bullies, the aggressive parents. Sure you can and it does teach some good life lessons.

But when a match takes 2 or more hours of arguing, standing your ground, mentally dealing with the parents....along with waiting sometimes hours for an open court. At what point does the overall experience just chase kids away? It can take the better part of the entire weekend to get 2-3 matches in.

I see week after week the draws for the 10s-12s with lots of kids, the 14s less kids, the 16s-18s sometimes no kids. I get that kids drop out of all sports as they hit the teen years, but junior tennis seems to have quite a high drop out rate compared to other sports.

At least down here the typical USTA junior tournament experience is not all that pleasant.

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