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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ Would agree they've recycled more than innovated here, some new paint but not much else new besides ESP. Lopping an inch off the Graphite 100 is hardly revolutionary. "A new O-Damp"!!! What will they think of next? I think the point here is that it looks like the venture capitalists behind the recovery from bankruptcy are trying to do this a bit on the cheap rather than pour lots of money into development, which may not bode well for the future.
The new Graphite 100 is a completely new "recipe," but from the same mold. So, in essence, it's a new frame (not a sawed off version of the longbody). I was fortunate enough to get to hit with some of the early prototypes (4 different versions of the 27 inch), and they continued to tweak the frames even after that. A good amount of development went into the new version.

If using the same mold is a problem, then you should be looking at every single manufacturer. Wilson and it's 6.1 models, Head Prestiges and Radicals. Complete frame redesigns don't (and shouldn't, IMO) happen every product cycle. There needs to be some consistency for the consumer.

Finally, in addition to the new ESP frames, there are 3 Pro frames coming out as well. That's 4 new Premier frames, 3 new Warriors (Pro, and 2 ESPs), and 4 new Tours (ESP and Pro versions in 100 and 98 headsizes). That's 11 new models, plus updated Classics.
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