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How do we guage the reformulated Prince company's success? I wonder what they will consider "success". Obviously, if they sell a lot of equipment, they should be happy. I''m sure they don't expect to regain the market share that Prince had during it's heyday, as the competition is deeper than it used to be.

I'd considered any "good" sales figures a success, such that they're breaking even (at least to start) or making a profit.

But, I'd really like to have Prince have success with sponsorships again - getting a Prince frame into the hands of up and coming players, and eventually an actual top player.

But, Prince hasn't been a major player for a while and there's a generation of young players who have been developing with frames other than Prince. So it's really an uphill climb. They're going to have to be aggressive and really offer some good deals in terms of player packages for juniors and college players.
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