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Originally Posted by winstonlim8 View Post
And my forehand still goes crazy even with an Eastern grip when I am off by the slightest like it did today.

*sigh* Maybe it's just because I've had more practice with it but I think I should go back to my old Continental...that way, even if I can't get more power or spin, I can still adapt better to different kinds of balls and put them where I want them to go more accurately and with less heartache!
That's exactly what I did. I was playing a match against someone and I was losing, mostly because my I was having an off day with my forehand (Eastern Grip)...So during the middle of the match I made the switch to a Continental Forehand, and for the rest of the match, I made a lot less unforced errors on my forehand side and I regained confidence in my forehand stroke because of the consistency I had found. I went on to win the match and I decided to ditch my eastern forehand grip and switch over to the continental.

The continental forehand has it's downsides though, It's best suited for low balls, and in today's high-bouncing topspin age, that's a problem. But for me the continental forehand works, and if you feel comfortable with it I see no shame in using it.
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