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Originally Posted by easywin View Post
I'd go for 2 backhands.
Why ? A player with 2 forehands is very limited. No slices, or at least no effective ones.
Jimmy Connors had a great slice (actually side spin) forehand down-the-line. So did Jack Kramer. Bill Tilden, Arthur Ashe and Illie Nastase frequently hit slice (underspin) forehands using continental grips.

Volleys are better on the backhand side for most players.
Except for high volleys (the only ones you can really tee-off on). And drive-volleys.
Actually, I volley best two-handed, going to a forehand volley on either side if the ball is difficult to reach. But the volley is a completely different stroke. You can volley two-handed while hitting one-handed forehand ground strokes just as you can volley continental despite hitting semi-western ground strokes.

of course the forehand has more potential on developing spin and speed but that doesn't make up for the lack of possibilities to structure your game. If your opponent has got a good day I want to see you trying to break his rythm with 2 forehands.
And yet, I see match after match on TV where every player is trying to turn everything he can into a forehand, and doing his best to force his opponent to hit backhands. Some of them must be having good days, yet I don't see their opponents running around their forehands so they can break up their opponents' rhythm with backhand slices.
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