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Originally Posted by DMP View Post
I simply take the view that the strength of grass play is a function of the number of tournaments on that surface. In the 60s and early 70s there were lots (look at the the surface by surface details of players from that time). Since the move to HC in the latter part of the 70s there began a shift away from grass as a preferred surface.

If you don't have a lot of tournaments on grass, how are players going to become proficient? If you want to know how strong the competition on grass was, count the number of tournaments year by year.

I would say thing reached a nadir in the late 90s when you got Kuerten, the world #1 saying 'thanks but no thanks' to playing at Wimbledon. He couldn't be bothered. That was what, together with the declining interest because of the servefests triggered the changes to making it more like HC (higher bounces).

Now the situation has recovered because it has become similar enough to HC that all players feel they can at least play on it, so the competition is there.

Having said all that, the fact is that Agassi achieved it, while other players of his time didn't.
Great post.
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