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Default when is the right time to start taking lessons by a pro for a beginner?

What do you think is the best? starting to take lessons right away or first play for a year or so and then correct the errors?

I think starting right away is the best thing. many players start to hack away and then take some lessons when their strokes are already wrong which is hard to correct.

of course taking lessons the first time you touch a racket is a waste of money too because you won't be familiar enough with the bounce of the ball of the court and racket to learn mechanics. the racket will flop all over the place and you will not be able to create a remotely solid bounce of the strings (which is the most important thing and needs to be learned before you can worry about actual swing mechanics)

so I think the best would be just hacking away for like 5-10 times which is enough to learn controlling the rackethead and the bounce but not enough time to engrain bad habits and then immediately take lessons to learn the correct strokes.

what is your take on that?

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