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If you understand that the hardest thing for a tennis player who has started "Playing" tennis, (competing, socially or school or club ladder, etc.), to do is to change patterns they have started using.

I don't know anyone who picks up a tennis racquet and says, "Gee, I'd like to play tennis but I really don't want to be any good."

Thus, in theory, anyone who wants to see how good they can get at the sport would be better off learning methods that will allow them to reach their potential; their potential is determined by their desire, dedication, drive, discipline, determination and Sacrifice, (The "5 D's and one S" I talk about in my book). Qualified tennis teaching professionals should be able to help you avoid the mistakes of learning patterns that would otherwise have to change for higher levels of skilled play to be possible.

So, it might be more about the money than the level of play expected. (Unless, of course, you really do just want to suck at the sport...then it won't matter!)
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