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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
In the case of Federer, Will from FYB examined thousands of video clips and found that Federer never changed his forehand grip.

I assume Will was also looking at forehands up at the net (not just baseline), and if that is the case, Federer would be hitting with the same grip even if Nadal was at the baseline.
Federer does in fact change his fh grip in certain specific situations.

One of those is when he's pulled very wide. He'll go cont. and hit kind of squash type slice. A lot of pros do it actually. I've used it. It's a great way to get something on a ball that's put you in a very defensive position.

He volleys and half volleys with a cont. grip, like everyone else. And if he were going to hit cc court from up near the net, basically parallel with the net, he'd (or anyone) would change to cont.

I'd follow your coach's advice. A cont. grip is the best choice more often than not up close to the net.
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