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Originally Posted by illusions30 View Post
I wouldnt say they are in a different league neccessarily. Just not so close that considering everyone in history they should be only 1 spot apart. Maybe in the Open Era alone they could be 1 spot apart on clay (although even then I have Lendl at 3rd and Wilander 5th in the Open Era).

As for Wilander fizzling out after 88 he was a grinder without big weapons beyond his amazing consistency and court smarts, who I think burnt out mentally and physically after 7 years of playing that style at the very top level. I wouldnt say he ever lacked dedication, that was the biggest thing that made his career in the first place.
But after him reaching the number 1 spot in 1988 his considered that he had reached his goal (being the best player in the world) and therefor hadn't much to prove to himself, and turned his interest to other things (rock band).

But anyway the hunger and dedication is a big part, maybe the biggest of what make the greater player and he shouldn't recieve credit for quiting early.
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