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Originally Posted by corbind View Post
A guy has an indoor court at his home? Tell more!
His 32 years old, Lives in a 24,000 s/f home, has an indoor tennis court heated and airconditioned. He took seven years off of high school and is currently in medical school. His father is a practicing kidney specialist.

He has a passion for tennis, is a highly regarded player and gives lessons for just enough money to cover overhead for the building. He does not do it for money, He does it because he wants to give kids who can't afford to pay $65 an hour a chance to learn real tennis. It's a very honorable and noble thing to do but it comes at a price that is not monetary. He is very strict and very peculiar and not the easiest guy to like. He was also a walking contradiction, one example is complaining about people who do not recycle but yet living an a house that requires ten times the energy of an average 2400 s/f house.

He has taught most of the better high school players at one time or another. We lasted 9-10 months with him, Some of the others lasted only a couple of months and a handful a few years but they all seem to leave eventually. We wished him the best, no hard feelings but we are happy to move forward.
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