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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Downright p*ssed about how Chelsea played in the first half today, they were horrid. How can they hope to go deep in Europe this term if they start like that against Cardiff? Imagine what'll happen against the likes of Madrid or Milan if they are that poor?

Arsenal were great in the second half...Ozil, WOW.
Doesn't surprise me at all, they've been away for so long playing for the National sides all over the World that a slow start was expected. Everytime we start to get some momentum, the players have to go off and start from scratch again when they get back. Thank god it's all over till the summer and teams can really bed in.

As for the first Chelsea goal, everyone seems to be saying it shouldn't of counted and apparently the rules back that up. Why though? Their keeper released the ball and Eto'o did very well to get it on the half volley, surely once he's released it it's up for grabs?

We've seen that loads of times before, Dion Dublin did the same thing 15 years ago and it stood. Goalkeepers get alot of protection, surely we can't have them getting this rule in their favour too?
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