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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
To the OP: you have the same problem that I do sometimes: we watch our first serves for too long! In a match, after serving, just push back immediately after the hit and split step for the return. See if that improves things.
Your serve is too good

I remember when I suddenly developed a really good (by our standards) serve back in school and would stand there and admire winner after winner. On the rare occasion one came back properly I was invariably left for dead watching it in astonishment.

Fortunately it was a self correcting problem. As you play against stronger opponents and get used to serves coming back fast the astonishment disappears pretty quickly and you can start working on the return. That's pretty hard if not many come back so, as has been said, easing off on the serve so you get more good returns to practice with might help.
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