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I had a bad case of tendinosis (Tennis Elbow) for a period of roughly 18 months... I'm a big believer in the compression sleeve for the promotion of blood flow. I think any way you can get increased blood flow to blood-starved tendons is a good thing. However, if you have tennis elbow, you certainly don't wanna be playing period, but rather letting your elbow rest and heal. I've only gotten back into playing 2 days a week since labor day weekend... My regimine has been to use a quality counterforce brace while playing, icing afterwards, and then wearing the compression sleeve afterwards to bed and for several hours through the day. A comp sleeve will not do the job a counterforce brace does while playing tennis so if you're going to go ahead and play with tennis elbow (again, highly advise against doing this), wear the brace and ditch the sleeve.
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