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It's not the bad practice that's good per se, it's how you deal with it mentally. How you do the drill without having your best stuff is important because no player is always on his best day. You have to have different options to win consistently and that is developed through practice. Reflection can come after the practice. I don't think abandoning a practice helps.
There's a difference, in my mind, between playing a practice set and doing drills. If I'm playing a set, I obviously can't say "That's enough for the day" when I'm down a break. Being able to get through tough patches in a set bears directly on the mental aspect of the game and is something you need to experience in practice.

But just hitting balls? If the day is going that lousy, then sure, I'd just stop playing and move on to something like basketball. Especially if I'm hitting every day anyway. Sometimes I need to step away from the game. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me.
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