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Originally Posted by norbac View Post
In regards to Arsenal. I expected this loss. Champions League is not important, the Premier League is.
I thought Wenger was right when he said naivety cost us in the last 20 minutes. A draw would have been great for us bearing in mind how the group stood, and yet we were not disciplined enough. Clearly this is a consequence of the great run we've been on where it has felt like we could get away with anything, but the CL is about using your experience to eke out results; two years ago Dortmund would have lost this from throwing caution to the wind, and not employing the standard CL away side cagey / counter play.

The CL is still important to us. Yes, as a club, this season the title looks more accessible, and so that's the primary aim, but there's no way you could convince a top player that they should not take the CL seriously.

The loss of Flamini really is crucial. I was at the Norwich game on Saturday, and it was blindingly obvious pretty much as soon as he became concussed that we seemed to lose our shape and control of the game. Norwich consequently had a spell from about 35 minutes (when Flamini had the collision), until Ozil's goal on 58 minutes, where they seemed to be on top. His return is absolutely imperative for the run of games coming up.


Re the Fergie 'autobiography,' is anyone else a little disappointed that (a) he didn't wait a little longer to mull over his career and focus his recollections; and (b) that he did not actually write the book himself (it was 'ghost written' by Paul Hayward of The Telegraph)?

It's a shame in that it would clearly be impossible to expect a present director of the club to be critical of the owners, or indeed anything about it, so necessarily all this 'autobiography' of British football's greatest manager could ever be would be a money spinner that strictly kept any real areas of intrigue off the agenda.
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