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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
Give it another go sometime. It's a pretty good movie actually. I liked it a lot. You definitely have to get farther than 15 to appreciate it.
I had read the book so my expectations for this were very low but I came away entertained. It's not bad. If you liked it, I wonder how you'll like the book. For starters, Reacher is 6'4", 230lbs...
Originally Posted by Vlad_C View Post
"In Time"
Original, memorable story. Well made and played.
Plus, I thought Amanda Seyfried looked supa-hot as a cool short-haired redhead.
Loved the cast and the first 30min of the film are very captivating. It tapers off a bit but I still think this is one underrated action/scifi/thriller type.
Originally Posted by acura9927 View Post
Saw it. I officially hate Seaworld.
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