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True he hasn't done too much.

I believe the idea behind the pages are to get youngsters to know a bit more about the players and make them more accesible to the public. We all know Marcos to be a great guy with one of the best charismatic personalities in the game so he is a great advert for tennis.

It's all about making tennis more attractive, with him you have someone who may make people want to pick up a racket and play. The page is a good way of promoting a rising star of the game.

Would people be more interested in a crazy Cypriot who beat Roddick, Stepanek, Ljubicic, Nalbandian and fought bravely against Federer in a Grand Slam or say Davydenko, a top 10 player that people might find difficult to relate too.

I believe the target audience to be of a slightly younger generation who would get alot more out of a page about Baghdatis than many other players.
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