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He's a great player but has horrible work ethic. He said at FO espn interview with Fowler asked him a question on the lines of "Why haven't we seen better results since the AO final?". And Baghdatis answer was "Give me a break I'm 20 I'm getting used to my new surroudings, something on the lines of that.

Give me a break "because I'm 20"?! WTF. Marcos 20 for tennis means you should start taking tennis serisouly and not slack off. Like Nadal. That dude never slacks off and when he beat Roddick at Davis cup and won FO last year he had all that media attenion and at the same time he was for obvious reasons. He really needs to pick it up. I know think Lujbicic deserved it more than Baghdatis. At least he has work ethic
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