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Originally Posted by Exzite1 View Post
Hey guys,
Was interested in some feedback on my second serve.
Been working hard on it lately and wondering what I can do to reach the next level.

Great looking motion & serve to me. Good blend of pace & spin - spin to keep it in but enough pace to keep someone from pouncing on it.

If you can place that serve in the corner consistently, that's a tough 2nd serve to handle as long as you're mixing it up. The short, wide kicker is a good one to throw in from time to time. I second psv255's previous post to get more of that wide kicker.
To me your leg drive & jump looks good - sometimes when I consciously try to jump higher on the serve, it screws up my timing & my toss gets erratic. What's your grip on the serve? I find for me, continental gives a good amount of spin for kickers when hit right if you can control placement of the serve with this grip. Sometimes I find myself having to toss more into the court to keep the serves from going long when trying to hit the kicker though.
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