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Originally Posted by Exzite1 View Post
Hey guys,
Was interested in some feedback on my second serve.
Been working hard on it lately and wondering what I can do to reach the next level.

Looks like a nice service motion but the video can be improved easily.

1) Camera closer so that more of the frame is used.
2) Camera behind and higher looking along the ball's trajectory to catch some critical angles.
3) Video in direct sunlight so that the camera's automatic exposure control will select a faster shutter and reduce motion blur.
4) Realize that if you video with a camera that has too slow a frame rate you can get a lot of very useful information on the slower parts of the serve as most comments indicate. However, with low frame rates (30 fps) you cannot see the faster parts of the serve leading to impact and might mislead yourself about what you are doing in your service motion.

Search this forum selecting "show posts": Chas Tennis video serve behind
to find more details on how to improve the video with your camera or to see the serve in all detail using a high speed video camera.

For example, this reply & similar ones with information on how to use video and some important service checkpoints to look for.

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