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Default Re: Primary muscles used for serving

Originally Posted by vin
Thanks Bill

You're right. I should make things simple and focus on keeping loose. However, I would still like to study and better understand the details of the serve's kinetic chain. If you'd rather not delve into some of the details, can you recommend any good resources?

I can sense a 'let it happen' style in your teaching that is similar to the philosophy of the book 'The Inner Game of Tennis' and it's focus on self B. The concept of natural learning and how forced thoughts can interfere is very interesting, but with this philosophy, how do you deal with fixing flaws or incorporating improvements that are not resolved through natural learning? In other words, where do you draw the line between 'let it happen' and 'get your elbow in this position'?
I see your point. What I am afraid of is, I will mention a muscle and you will go out and spend an hour trying to feel that muscle in the shot and get frustrated thinking something is wrong with your serve or you're not doing it right because you just don't feel it.

The "inner game" of tennis is a great book. It is so true, it is scary.

Just yesterday, I was playing a doubles match. I was caught in the backcourt returning a good serve, both of my opponents were at the net, since I am not a great lobber, I decided to use my strength (my forehand) to go right at 'em. I hit two heavy dipping topspin forehands, the player I was hitting to handled both shots with good strong volleys right back to me to keep me pinned (my partner was doing a good job taking away angles as he is an outstanding volleyer and doubles player).

Both of the topspin forehands I hit were very good forehands and I hit those forehands with just a fleeting thought of fluidness through my mind. Then I felt the pressure, on the third forehand I saw the middle open up a little, I loaded and fired, except what raced through my mind was "dont overrotate, aim it through the middle, don't hit it long, dont overhit, they are not going to get this one, I got it, oh baby, look at what Daddy found", guess what, I flubbed it up. The ball went through the middle but it sailed long. I did everything I wasn't suppose to do. After the shot as I was bent over, I slowly lifted my racquet up and hit it against my head a couple times.

I think a person like Eric here on the boards can help you understand the different muscles involved in the serve and there purpose. That is not my cup of tea. I am more focused on transfer of energy and fluidness and to remove myths about wrist snaps etc.. I will try to point you to some deeper references. I just hope it doesn't bog you down and make you forget that tennis is about fluidness and timing.
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