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Originally Posted by thejackal View Post
what do you think of deadlifts and kettlebell swings instead of squats? never seem to be able to do squats pain-free (neck/upper back due to the bar on back squats, and wrist on front squads). plus I can go heavy/go longer and be able to drop the weight at any time for deadlifts. anything Im missing from not doing squats?
Squat holding dumbbells in each hand if the neck hurts. A good gym will have dumbbells in excess of 50kg/100pound so lack of weight is not an excuse unless you are a powerlifter. Using dumbbells can also allow you to train to complete failure as you can drop the dumbbells without causing harm to yourself.

Squats are one of the best compound exercises you can do. Just about every muscle in your legs are utilised. Core also. Squats promote overall muscular growth.

Deadlifts focus on hamstrings and back. Also depends on whether you are doing straight legged or bent legged deadlifts the amount of quad and glute that is involved.

Kettlebell swings are a good exercise too, but similar to the deadlift their main focus is strengthening and conditioning the hammies, glutes, and back. The other thing about kettlebell swings they a good way for inexperienced gym goers to get injured. Form is important. Master the deadlift before the kettlebell swing.

Always start light and have good form to avoid injury.
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