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Originally Posted by BHiC View Post
I voted other, because I couldn't find the option for "every ball that does not say Wilson US Open on it". Absolutely hate those balls, after about 3 games they fluff up and you can't hit a winner to save your life.
Have you tried the regular duty balls rather than the extra duty ones? I suspect that you (or whoever you are playing with) hit(s) a lot of fast, low-skidding balls. The only times that I've seen the extra duty balls fluff up significantly by the 2nd set is when playing with someone who hits a lot of fast, flat or underspin, balls.

Originally Posted by LafayetteHitter View Post
I wish the Prince balls were still available. They were by far my favorite.
They're baaack! I just noticed that the Prince Tour balls are on the Prince web site again. They were my favorite as well. Has anyone tried this new Prince Tour balls? Are they as good as the previous balls?

It is my understanding that Prince defaulted on payments, when they declared bankruptcy (in 2011/2012?), to the manufacturer of the Prince Tour balls. I believe that Prince had to find someone else to manufacture the resurrected Tour balls. Hopefully the new balls are as good as the old ones.
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