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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Which one is better? Penn Championship, Penn ATP, Wilson Chamiopnship, or Wilson US Open?
Wilson Champs are not very good balls. Penn Champs are somewhat better but go soft and noticeably lose their bounce by the 2nd set. There also seems to be one substandard ball in every can of Penn Champs -- sometimes it is a cosmetic reject and other times one ball does not bounce as well as the other two.

Penn ATP and Wilson US Open are both premium (professional grade) balls. Either one of these should be better choices than either Championship products. Unless you are playing on clay, be sure to get the extra duty balls rather than the regular duty balls. The Dunlop Grand Prix or Slazenger Wimbledon balls, if you can get them, would be even better options.

However, your best bet would be Prince Tour (extra duty) balls.

Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
I wish the Prince balls were still available. I really liked those balls but only used them a handful of times.
Prince has heard you and has brought back their Tour balls:
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