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Default A mirage?

Does anyone ever have a day where

1. The last three weeks they have improved their power and spin ratios considerably.

2. Beat an opponent who is far better than them regularly with the very occasional loss overpowering them at times. The other player also a very hard hitter

3. But one day hitting as hard as ever but their opponent returning shots with interest. YOur normal hard hits are being rifled back.

4. You then wonder whether your racquet is not upto the mark . A change maybe. You had not improved as much as you thought y ou did. Your normal strong mentality during matches going out the window during .

5. you wonder if your opponent all these days was just not trying hard and the moment they did their game was way better than yours?

The only preface to all this was on the day my movement was shiite, just did not have the explosive power in legs to hit through or reach some of the balls. Upper body was fine. But I wonder if I was tired enough to actually question my ball striking ability and whether my tennis improvement was a mirage?
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