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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Your problem.
You focus only on your own hitting.
You forgot there is another guy on the other side of the court, and he is also trying to play well.
Any given day between my 4.0 buds and myself, we can lose 1-6 or win 6-1.
Good points. In general I get the essence of what you are saying.
However, I have not forgotten the other side of the net its just that he seems to be hitting so much harder and I am finding it difficult to generate alot of power back. My FH my main weapon has gone AWOL too last couple of days which isnt helping .

ANd last two days he is going all out rather than hit three quarters pace. I think with some rest maybe I could play better. Today it was the same story again till we moved courts from my fav to another one . He was leading 3-0 in a set before I fought back to make it 4-3 in my favour

still I get your point give the other guy some credit too..
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