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Originally Posted by ignacvucko View Post
Hey retrograde,

Can you give me the size and/or partnumber for the schrader valve you are used? Also, what size tubing are you using for the valve? (I have tubing that's 5/16" x 9/16" OD)

You'll want 1/4" ID tubing. Mine is 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD. The thicker the wall on the tubing, the trickier it will be to fit the tubing over the air valve and the tank's disconnects. Heating the tubing with something like a hair dryer will make the tubing pliable enough where you can slip it over the barbed end of the disconnect and the tank side of the air valve.

Just go to your local auto parts store and ask for an air tank valve that has a 1/4" threaded end (got mine at O'Reilly). They cost around $2. Google "air tank valve" if you want to see pictures.
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