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Originally Posted by vin
I was trying to back off from the detail and simply ask what I should be doing in the hip/back/shoulder areas to properly transfer energy. If you were teaching someone how to serve, how would you tell them to use their hips, back, and shoulders? Or would you not address those areas in belief that the proper motion would result from teaching something else?
If I was teaching someone I would not mention the little things happening with the muscles. I would breifly go over the kinetic transfer as the energy goes up through the body. I wouldnt stay on it and would explain it very simple terms.

I would teach them the motion they are trying to achieve. Once they were using the motion and as they improved I would show them areas that could help improve their use of stored energy, such as the push off, the hip stretch, or more coiling of the shoulders. At times I would remind them of the direction they are trying to send the motion which is up and out by having them toss more in front.

I would use the ball on the string so they would get used to how their arm should swing in the motion.

Later as they continued to improve I would add the braking mechanisms (or reenforce them), such as the non-dominant arm folding in etc.

Sometimes players are very talented and can learn very fast or can learn several things at once. Others it takes time and they need to get past one hurdle before going to the next.

In your motion, I did not see anything that would tell me you would have a problem developing smoothness. You just need to continue to get the most out of your stored energy, push off, hip stretch etc. and allow it to go up to the ball and be relaxed and smooth. Put the ball out in the court and send your energy out there.

Hope that helps.
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