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Originally Posted by erik-the-red
I like Baghdatis.

I first saw him play on TV at the 2004 USO. He drew Federer in the second round, so he got to play at Ashe. I believe the match was four sets, and what impressed me was his attitude. He knew he wasn't going to win, so he did his best and 'played his tennis.'

I saw him again on TV when he drew Federer (tough luck) at the Round of 16 in the 2005 AO. IIRC, he fought through qualies to get there (c.f. Donald Young). He got blitzed in the first two sets, but he forced a tiebreak in the third set and pulled off a string of running forehands that were spectacular.

A year later, he gets in the sixteens again at the AO and draws Roddick. Roddick's serve was on for the first few games, and Baghdatis couldn't get a hold on the first serve. All of a sudden, Andy starts missing on the first serve and has to show the second. Boom - Baghdatis steps in and starts popping them for winners. As the match went on, he was outhitting Andy from the baseline on a routine basis.

He pulled it together to close Ljubicic and came back from a two-sets deficit to Nalbandian. And, he did it with a smile

He could have a future. He wasn't spoiled in his early pro career; he had to fight through challengers and qualies. He moves well and has power.
i like marcos too... and i totally agree with you

PS: about playermania pages, i'm surprised that safin and agassi, as popular players, still don't have one...
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