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^^ That's true, he made 37 straight first serves. We posted a list somewhere, can't recall the thread. These are the highest streaks we've counted or have heard of:

44 by Borg against Pecci in 1979 French Open final
37 by Wilander against Lendl in 1988 USO final (and another 20 later in the match)
33 by Pancho Gonzalez against Pasarell at 1969 Wimbledon, R128 (25 to start the fifth set)
29 by Wilander against Leconte in 1988 French Open final
27 at least by Davydenko to open his 2010 Doha win over Federer
25 by Benneteau against Federer in 2009 Paris Masters, second round
22 by Navratilova against Mandlikova in 1986 Wimbledon final
22 by S. Williams against Hingis in a 2001 USO semifinal
20 by Smith against Newcombe in the 1971 Wimbledon final
19 by Wilander against McEnroe in a 1982 Davis Cup quarterfinal
16 by Ivanisevic in the fifth set against Agassi, 1992 Wimbledon final
16 by Zvereva against Graf in the 1988 French Open final
16 by Connors against Borg in a 1981 Wimbledon semifinal
15 by Lendl against McEnroe in a 1988 French Open match
15 by Smith in a semifinal against Rosewall at 1974 Wimbledon
15 by Connors against Ashe in the 1975 Wimbledon final
15 by Connors against Borg in a 1981 USO semifinal

Consecutive first serves are a form of good serving under pressure, if it's a big match -- and if you're not taking too much off the first serve just to get it in. Some streaks by Connors, to take just one example, would fall into the latter category.
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