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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I'd say that serve and volley is more easy to learn for a good athlete and with less coaching imo. It benefits from being unusual as well these days.

A good solid baseline game is quite unusual to see as it requires excellent movement, good TS on both sides, good slice on both sides and the ability to attack mid court balls as well.

Coming to net does require slice, volley and overhead, but you can use the easier kick serve. The slice and volley are virtually the same stroke and the overhead is just a modified, easier serve. Just my thoughts on it.
I agree with this. S & V is hard to use at higher levels without a dominating serve, but, for a big, athletic guy who has played other sports maybe and is taking up tennis, it is the quickest way to get competitive.

If someone has played say, baseball, volleying is not all that tough. If you played basketball or soccer, the movement is not all that tough. Once you learn to serve halfway decently, volley and hit overheads, you're good to go.

The thing about S&V is that you're always a threat even to a better player. You're forcing the action and making him hit passing shots. If a 4.5 is playing a 3.5 baseliner, he can just sit there and hit stuff back, not take any chances and win love and love. If that 3.5 is a 6'4 former basketball player who is on top of the net at every opportunity, the 4.5 is going to have to produce some shots.
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