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Originally Posted by HughJars View Post
Serve and forehand is not a 'style'!!!! Its simply putting away the short return from their massive serves either by hitting to the open court or hitting behind their opponent - this is basic tennis strategy!!!!
yes but there are Players who only rely on serve and FH (like isner). a Problem is that very good and tall Juniors might dominate with that Approach and never feel the Need to work on the rest of their game.

I know a guy who was an early bloomer as a kid. he was very tall and strong at Age 14 and he had technically great strokes. because of that he could really crush the ball and blast winners left and right. he easily dominated Junior competition and was nationally ranked very high.

but when he started to compete with the adults he could never adjust because his shots were coming back. he still Plays (he is like 22 now) but could never live up to his potential as a kid. he does have great strokes and power but his movement and defense is not up to the same Standard (he also was a hot head and smashed Rackets).

I think learning to blast serves and hit FH winners behind it is important. Players like fed or nadal do it all the time.

but there is definitely a danger to rely too much on blasting opponents away especially if the kid is a tall and strong kid. that can backfire later as the competition gets better (just like winning Junior tournaments by moonballing which also will fail later).

there are quite a few 140 mph serve/100mph FH guys on tour who always lose against guys like david ferrer because their Approach doesn't work and then they have no plan B.
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