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Originally Posted by comeback View Post
But the one that gets me the most is what i call the "ball trick". It can be done a number of ways. One way is hitting a faulted 1st serve into the net then holding your hand up and slowly go to the net and clear the ball back to the back fence.
Another "ball trick" is after you hit a dead ball back to the server; he then hits that ball back to the fence, then goes back to the fence to retireve it.
These 2 stalling tactics really get to me. Many players probably don't even realize these 2 subtle stalling tactics when they are being done to them.
I can understand excessive stalling, but to me it seems you are a bit overly sensitive about this subject.

For the first example above, what is the alternative? Hire a ball boy/ball girl for your matches? Leave the ball on the court risking injury?

The second tactic I don't see that often, but it wouldn't bother me as long as the time isn't excessive. Think of it this way; it also gives you a chance to recover from the previous point and focus on the next one.

And if many players don't realize that these tactics are being done to them, then more power to them, as it likely isn't affecting their game at all.
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