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Well honestly, due to the success of players that use "double bend", and how the double bend is more comfortable and easy to time as was mentioned, I think this will be the mainstream. It's not because of the double bend were seeing the likes of Novak, murray, ferrer, and others have success, it's the incredible defense and speed. Emphasis will be place on these first. Then as long as the forehand can put away a winner when needed, and make good enough placement to dictate a point, that's all will be asked of the forehand. Murray and Novak don't have killer forehands like nadal or delpo. But their backhand has emphasis and their defense does. As long as the forehand can do its job when needed their fine and win many matches. If delpo or nadals forehand crumbles, their game done. IE nadal soderling in the French. Everything falling short for nadal forehand and robin went to town on them. But when it's on they are unbearable to play. I think the new wave of players don't want to be so dependent on a single shot. Were all seeing how Isner is dependent on that serve. Sometimes painful to watch. You break him once and he's lost. Against a nobody at that.
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