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Originally Posted by Tennis_Monk View Post
I am having knee pain lately after i play tennis match. Tried replacing shoes and insoles and seem to make some difference.
Considering Custom insoles. Does anyone have experience with custom insoles. Are they worth it. Are there various types & choices to consider?
Two years ago I though feet are feet, shoes are shoes, they all work. Shoe, sock, or insert type make no difference and why am I even talking about it? It’s a non-issue. Move on to important subjects, that is, until IT happened…

I got Plantar Fasciitis. It began as just pain from my arch rolling up past my inner ankle. After 4 weeks of playing tennis like this while it got progressively worse I began to realize I’d done something wrong – but I was too late. I’d been a believer that you can just plow though pain and the body will heal itself. Yeah, it did in my 20’s and early 30’s. Still, six months later even with a “decent” insert, tears would stream down my face going up or down stairs. Standing on concrete? Pain.

So here was my progression until I found a solution…

1 - Dr. Scholl'sŪ Double Air-Pillo ( $4 ) -
Initially just put some soft insert in my shoes. Felt nice but did zero for arch support

2 - Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel ( $8 ) -
Pretty cushy and did have some arch support so cool. Yet it still did not address the PF so suffered along.

3 - AG Arch Molds - Maximum ( $40 ) -
These were SIGNIFICANTLY better because they had a hard shell (bottom). Toss in oven, put on floor, stand on them and they mold (for the most part) to your feet. Worked pretty well but feet still not responding well enough.

4 - Powerstep Pinnacle ( $40 ) -
Saw a foot doc and he said try these before doing anything crazy. They had nice rigid bottom but not a cushy as I’d like. Eh, doc knows best. Worked pretty well but still the arch support (designed for normal arches) poked mine. Still wore ‘em for half a year until resolving to find something better for my needs.

5 - Footbalance Max ( $80 )-
I’ve had these for a year and have done wonders. I went to a specialty runners’ shoe store locally where they analyze your running stride and ascertain your needs. My arches are not quite “stock” since they begin farther from the heel from most hence why other arch supports seemed to poke my (high) arches. Nevertheless, they custom-molded them to the contour of each foot and it was pretty amazing. I laughed when they showed me the inserts they molded from my feet. They looked like a girl’s huge, high arch. No way that was from MY foot!

With the Footbalance Max in my shoes, when I walked it felt like I was not walking which was weird. No discernible pain. Shocking really because I’d had arch pain by that time for over a year and these particular inserts provided what I needed. That same set of inserts had been in my shoes for tennis for a year and it’s been great. I’ve crushed down the padding to almost flat after 120 uses but that’s to be expected.

Looking back, I did what everyone does by trying to just get something quick, cheap, and easy to solve the problem. I started with the least costly inserts and kept spending more and more money until I finally found something that worked. Spending $80 on inserts, come on, that’s insane! But if I had known about these a year earlier I could have skipped the crappy ones and much of the PF pain along the way. Moral of the story could be to spend money on yourself and your body will thank you.
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