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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
IDK I thought Billy was masterful how he used Clay in different spots in the lineup the past years.. great coaching ..
one could make the same argument for each player on that lineup. the thing about ucla is their lineup is deep and very similar in ability level. No top 10 players in last 5+ seasons (not counting this preseason). spots on that team's lineup are earned moreso than based on their perceived reputation. DN won kalamazoo and 1 round of USO main draw in August. giron and DM made it to the regionals finals in October. Puget made it to finals of sherwood in january. Clay did not play a great preseason last year and did not move up because the players who played above him held their own (or better) at their positions.

with that said, those are just my thoughts... and most likely clay will play very high this year because ucla otherwise had "okay" preseason results.

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