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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
Which basic functions are you referring to, out of curiosity? What features are you interested in (and/or are provided by PS4) are locked behind a paywall on XB1?

If it's Netflix/Hulu, fair enough. I'll point out you can use HDMI in to stream those via XB1, but if you're looking for a single solution (not having to require having a laptop next to your console, etc), then I've got no comeback there.

Edit: If it's a principle issue, then I'll just agree to disagree, but again, I'm very biased in this situation.
Well besides things like Youtube, twitter and facebook, even recording your own gameplay is not possible on XBone.

Simply, with $500 all the XBone can do is play single player games and watch bluray films.
PS4 can do much more with $400. And it doesn't creep people out[at best!]with an NSA Cam either.

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