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Originally Posted by Sander001 View Post
Well besides things like Youtube, twitter and facebook, even recording your own gameplay is not possible on XBone.

Simply, with $500 all the XBone can do is play single player games and watch bluray films.
PS4 can do much more with $400. And it doesn't creep people out[at best!]with an NSA Cam either.

This is referring to app support, not accessibility, right? I don't have my hands on one, yet, but I have to assume the internet explorer app would be OK for the above usage? PS4 doesn't come with Youtube (at launch) either, correct? AFAIK none of these things are neutered without XBL account, unless I'm mistaken. Can PS4 play multiplayer games @ $400? I was under the impression you had to pay for multiplayer games.

I'm ambivalent to the kinect/NSA/"spy cam" issue, I personally think the Kinect is extremely useful, but the privacy issue is something that is concerning for many. I won't dispute that. There will be a privacy cover for it, from what I understand, and you can disable it, last I heard. I think the benefits from a system perspective warrant a bundle, but I don't think Sony's wrong in not bundling their eye, either.

While I have no strong opinions on forced bundling, I think in the end, most people will end up picking up the PS Eye (which makes the entry price point a moot argument for a significant portion of the market), being forced into the Kinect is something I have mixed emotions about. Illusion of choice is nice, but if the 'experience' is guaranteed to be better (provided you use it -- which I admit, is not a given), I think it's better for the industry/market to have it. Again, mixed feelings on this one. I personally think price is kind of a weird argument for most of the enthusiast market. Unless PS ONLY releases casual/workout/gimmicky games for the PS Eye attachment and/or doesn't take advantage of the PS eye to its full potential, I think in the end the cost is a wash. I understand budgetary concerns, though. I think a better argument over price (in terms of true/objective comparison) is platform exclusive games...

Can you give some more examples of interesting things you can do with the PS4 that aren't possible with XB1? I'm more or less 'stuck' with the XB1 at launch, so I won't be purchasing the PS4, but I'd love to better understand real world usage models and see the real world comparisons between the two. (Please do keep usage models the same, though -- internet connected vs. subscription vs. 100% offline)
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