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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Can you guys explain this for me?

Do you always step forward the same distance? If so, could that put you out of position? I mean, with some serves don't you need to move more forward or backward if you could to be in a desireable position?
Just to clarify something else for you: the theory for the step forward is essentially creating momentum for your return of serve. It's not universally accepted as proper technique. Everyone has a routine that they like. Generally speaking:
  1. Djokovic has a low wide base, then raises up, then splits.
  2. Nadal likes to stutter step rapidly, then splits.
  3. Murray steps forward then splits.
  4. Tomic stands there, uninterested, and then splits.
  5. Rosol dances, and then splits.
  6. And so on ...
All of them will vary their routines based on their reads or their preselected tactic for the return.

For me, the forward momentum is not necessary for most returns. It's an extra movement that I would rather do without, but sometimes I still do it (mainly on second serves).
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