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Originally Posted by Sander001 View Post
Right, I did forget that YouTube has been delayed on PS4. But when it does arrive, it will be free and that is the crux that follows all else: Only multiplayer is locked behind a paywall on PS4 and everything which will come in future updates will not be.
Even the popularity explosion and network intensive Twitch is not behind a paywall on PS4.

Unfortunately, you are mistaken; web browsing, YouTube is not possible on XBone or 360 without a subscription.
As far as I'm aware, the only thing you can do on XBone(and the 360) is playing single player games and watching DVD's. You can't even send msgs to your friends.
This is news to me. To be clear, you need an XBL gold (paid) sub to do these things? You can't even browse (IE) with a normal (free) XBL account? Wow. I'll have to confirm this in person because that is indeed a mistake.

Edit: Found another source that IE will be XBL gold locked... that's really silly. I'm curious what the reasoning is behind that one.
I know there's still the PIP option that can circumvent these limitations (via video/sound [i assume]) in, but that's kind of a silly hack.
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