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Originally Posted by helterskelter View Post
Djokovic is on a 24-match winning run (and in his last eight matches, he has beaten all of the other contestants at the World Tour Finals), so this is a weird time for his fans to be feeling insecure.
I really don't get why the goal of every other fan base seems to be to pick apart Nadal's accomplishments. It's beyond juvenile. Get a life! If you can't deal with someone else besides your favorite player winning, you're watching the wrong sport.

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
They know in their heart of hearts that Nadal had the best of 2013, and won the biggest matches against Djokovic. It will be Djokovic under more pressure in Australia in January, not Nadal. Djokovic is the main man at that tournament, while Nadal will have the chance to go for a second career Grand Slam.
And they know he can only gain points there.
"Some people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you........ not anymore." -John Kramer...... Djokovic is the Roman Reigns of tennis.
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