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Originally Posted by jhick View Post
If the stalling is excessive, then sure, it would certainly be okay for you to bring it up with your opponent. perhaps they are not aware they are doing it. If it continues, then bring it up with the captain of the team, and then the league coordinator.

Obviously it affects you more than most players. If most players don't realize it's being done to them, then it obviously isn't bothering them like it bothers you, so I really don't see the problem there.

Also, since you didn't answer my first question, can I assume you don't pick up balls served into the net and just leave them on the court, hoping that you don't step on one and risk spraining your ankle during the point? Otherwise, if you do go and pick up your own net serves, then you are being hypocritical of your opponent when they do the same.
I will pick up balls on my side of the net if they are in my path. But I'm was talking about when i miss the first serve long and my opponent hits it back up to their side of the net. Then they stop my 2nd serve to go back up to the net to retrieve it even it it wasn't in their way.
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