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Originally Posted by comeback View Post
I will pick up balls on my side of the net if they are in my path. But I'm was talking about when i miss the first serve long and my opponent hits it back up to their side of the net. Then they stop my 2nd serve to go back up to the net to retrieve it even it it wasn't in their way.
If you are serving bombs at me and your serve is long I typically am not going to have the time to stop my swing and I might just happen to hit the out serve into the net. If the ball is sitting on my side of the court and in my way, I will jog up and either pick up the ball and put it in my pocket or roll it off the court in a timely manner. No one I've played has had a problem with this that I know of. I've never heard it discussed in my tennis circles as a general issue.

Now, I suppose your opponent could be really deliberate about it. That might irk me a little, but it's probably not going to bother me all that much when all is said and done. Maybe you need some work on your mental game if it's really that big of issue for you.
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