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Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
I never understood the x-long grip on the Borg Pro's.
I understand that he was a unique two hander on the BH
(at the time),but he didn't keep his off hand on the racket as long as most
of us 2HBH folks do. I never have felt the desire for a longer
than normal grip , although I'll run my OG up a little past the
leather sometimes.

still cool. did his Bancrofts ever have the XL grip?
The Bancroft Borgs we sold in South Carolina had slightly longer grips; but not the length of the Donnay. That Donnay grip was so extreme, if felt like the difference between wearing shoes and wearing boots. Many a case of tennis elbow was exacerbated by installing replacements or even the extra-length(width actually)Fairway. IMO, the grip length on the Chris Evert or the 'two hand' T2000 was all that was needed for a retail racket. Some of those Donnay Borg customers nearly choked when they heard the cost of a replacement grip!
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