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Basically, the question becomes, can you hit harder than you currently hit, keep it IN, hit your spots, and keep doing it over the course of a match?
I suspect not, or you'd be doing it already.
And I also suspect, it's possible that if you hit with more spin, with higher net clearance, that now you will be forced to retrieve more balls, rely on better conditioning and speed, and fall into the same trap you are in now.....losing to stronger, better players.
We're supposed to get smarter as we age. I know I don't, not in tennis anyways.
But hopefully, YOU are getting smarter. And smarter might not be trying to hit and act like a younger person! Because if you hit like a younger person, you will also need the younger legs, the fitness, and the determination to run after MORE balls using the more spin, less ball speed approach.
Oh, big brag here, but stay with me.
Today, got to hit for 10 minutes with another Open level player, a lefty around 22 years of age. I'm 64. I'm a 4.0 singles player, at best.
He noted, I had great variety, topspin, some loopers, a lot of heavy slices, some flat fast ones off the 1hbh.
Rallying was fun, and beneficial to both of us.
If we played, he'd beat me bagels every time.
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